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We're Creative

E-tailing has emerged as a significant retail force with more and more consumers shopping online. Now traditional brick and mortar owners are responding with a vengeance. With time a balance will be established between online and offline. Whether to adopt creative media or simply treat the Internet as a channel extension of the physical store, the virtual world has much more to offer to the offline shopping experience. Traditional retailers can take their brand to the web and gain instantaneous recognition and trust. Today's consumers have infinite resources and seek an intimate and personalized experience.

We're Passionate

The art and execution of exceptional offline and online retail store design is our passion. At TippiX Design, we help create memorable retail experiences for guests. Using various strategies - from marketing to merchandising to customer service - we help craft customized retail experiences that inspire and motivate. In a competitive retail environment, your ever-changing customer is our priority. Let us help you create fresh, relevant and fun retail experiences that will bring them - and their friends - back to your store.

We're professional

You know your business, and we know web technologies. Our entire process is structured around working together to achieve success, from mutually defining goals at the beginning of the project to iterative development cycles until release so you can regularly see the project status and provide feedback. Requirements often change throughout a project, and our ability to recognize new and innovative enhancements early, allows us to adapt and respond quickly. Collaboration is the key to success.

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Why we suggest TippiX?

At TippiX Design, we help to bring your products to the Online Shopping Markets.  If you are concerned with IT support, Warehousing and Logistics, IP protection, then we are here to help.  Here are some of our Strength and why our customer continue using our services:

TippiX is your IT Support team.

We host servers in US/UK/FR/DE/HK/CN.  Based on your needs, we are able to monitor and track data from all over the world so you can make the most informed decision.

TippiX is your Customer Service Line

Our dedicated team can support English/French/German languages.  We are constantly expanding our reach and languages and will answer all email within 24hrs… 7 days a week…  We word around the clock and give you live updates you can track at any time.

TippiX is your Order Fulfillment extension

Our IT system will manage your stock quantity and prices around the world.  Online prices are constantly fluctuating and the market is shifting on a daily basis.  With us on your side, you will be able to react to market changes within minutes.

TippiX is your IP police protector

There will always be counterfeiters, and buyers know that.  Buyers will only purchase from trusted retailers and we work closely with them to fight the good fight.  Our team is here to help you protect your brand so you can do what matters most… to grow your brand.

TippiX and our Warehousing Partners

Online retailers do not benefit from the instant gratification of a purchase… but we can do our best to delivery quickly at low cost.  Warehousing where most of your customers are allows to obtain a 3 day delivery at a normal Post Service Price.



We provide Customer Service email support and commit to respond all queries within 24hrs.

Brand Awareness

Bring your Brand to the Online medium and allow your consumers to know more about you. Build a story around your Brand and create this intimate experience with your fans.


We have access to Warehouse in US/UK/FR/DE regions. This allows a basic local shipment services without extra cost.


We can Source, Stock and Fulfill orders as they come. All you need to do is provide us with a price-point and sales strategy.


Online sales draws a lot of counterfeiters. We have methods to disconnect them and educate your consumers to recognize fakes.

IT Support

We keep up with the latest technology so you can focus on your product and branding. Our dedicated team are constantly bringing new tools and utilities to bring your brand in front of more people.


  1. Discussion

    Bring up your Dreams and Aspirations. We will organize your thoughts into Strategies with measureable Targets.

  2. Retail Channel Selection

    We will bring our Expertise and Insider information on current Retail channels and their distinctive Differences.

  3. Product Selection

    Specific Products are fit for specific Retail channel.  Assess Price-Point, Target markets and Risk items.

  4. Implementation

    Run Product Launch and tweak out any remaining process issues.  Eliminate any time Delays and Quality defects.

  5. Review and Feedback

    Review past Orders and target 5Star product feedback.  Discuss product and process Improvements and the cycle begins again...

Our Team

Ronald Lee
Desired Superpower: Technopath, which enables you to "communicate with machines and electronics". Plan: Save the world.
Tippi Wang
VP Sales/Operations
Desired Superpower: Precognition, the ability to accurately foresee future events. Plan: find latest trends.
Vivian Ouyang
Director Marketing/Sales
Desired Superpower: Immortality, the ability to stay forever young. Plan: make everyone feel young again.

What our clients saying

"I am incredibly happy with the increased traffic to my Amazon Store.  Sales are up and Review Rates are good. Thanks guys for the hard work.  We've come a long way."

Tony Kao

CEO BeColorful

"My website couldn't look better after working with the TippiX team on the redesign. Now my site and corporate branding is outstanding!  This Team is awesome."

Matthew Eron Peltier

Managing Director Case Impression

"He really cares about making unique designs for us. His team has put incredible effort to make the whole process a real pleasure. Website is up, online store is now, now we are very hopeful for our sales to grow."

Jennie LIe

CEO Sox on the Wall

Some of our satisfied clients


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